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We are a community of and for the householder (busy, urban yogis), and we exist to support you & your practice. Our vision is to expand awareness of this practice & make Kundalini Yoga accessible to everyone, because it is that good, and that powerful.

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Long Time Sun

Build Your Reserves

Congratulations to the folks in Chicago for getting through this incredible winter– evidently, we experienced the “coldest four months ever [in Chicago]“! Perhaps that’s why I can’t believe how warm it is today. On some level, I thought the cold was here to stay. Not really, but on some level… Chicago winters are not the […]

breathe the way you want to live

Breathe the way you want to live

Rip Van Winkle  is a story of a man who was loved by his town but tormented by a nagging wife who was thoroughly displeased with his laziness– lazy enough that his home & farm went to shambles. He went up to the mountains to get away from his wife on day, drank with men and […]


How to create more time in your day

What I love about yoga practice is that – if we let it – we can take the tools we use (and cultivate) on the mat and take it off the mat to make life flow better for us. For this piece, I will assume that many of you are familiar enough with kundalini yoga […]

It's Your Practice

  • KYTT class ego eradicator

    KYTT Reviews

    Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at UYC: words from our graduates This teacher training program changed my life for the better and put me back in touch with my authentic self. In addition to being fully prepared to teach kundalini yoga classes, I forged a deep and meaningful relationship with myself based on love and respect. I’m happier, […]

  • kundalini yoga class in meditation

    Class Schedule & Fees

    Starting June 14: Pranayam, Yoga & Run!  w/ Jodh Kaur (pranayam + yoga for 45-60 min, then run outdoors with Jodh) Saturdays 6:30 – 9:30 AM *Times & titles are subject to change slightly. If you are interested in receiving updates and changes to our class schedule, click the button below and check Classes under list options. Keep Me […]

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  • teacher student

    Work with a Mentor

    Our mentorship program offers a combination of private sessions with phone and email support over a 6 month period. The goal is to help you create a yoga practice based on your individual real and ideal and to support you through that process under the guidance of a certified teacher until you feel ready to go at […]

  • Bundle of Money: Ah, Abundance!

    By Donation?

    What does this mean? Taking donations instead of putting a fixed price on our classes & workshops is a way of making valuable tools and experiences accessible to everyone. If you can pay the price of full admission, please do. If you can give more, please do. Please note that this is not an option […]

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